Preparing Your Pool for Cooler Weather


Homeowners in Sarasota, Florida enjoy beautiful weather almost all year long. But, if you don’t have a heated pool, there will likely be at least a few months when it’s a bit too chilly to take a dip. While we don’t have to fully winterize our pools like many of our northern friends do, there are still some steps you should take to prepare your pool for Florida’s cooler months. Start with these six tips.

1. Remove Toys and Floats from the Water

When it gets too cold to use your pool, go ahead and take any floats and toys out of the water. Spray them down with a hose and let them dry thoroughly before putting them away. This can prevent avoid algae growth and may help them last longer.

2. Deep Clean Your Pool

Next, you’ll want to give the pool a thorough cleaning. Scrub the walls and floors, and get into the cracks and crevices as much as possible. Use an algae brush if you need it, then vacuum up any debris.

3. Keep Up with Your Pool Maintenance

Keep in mind that although you won’t be using the pool, you’ll still need to periodically clean the pool and the filter. Otherwise, a buildup of dirt and debris can cause damage. Leaves will also stain your pool, so be sure to remove them right away. 

It’s important to continue testing your pool water weekly and make adjustments as needed to keep your pool balanced. You may find that you can use fewer chemicals in the winter since the cooler weather keeps them stable for longer. Once temperatures fall below the sixty-degree range, you can also cut back on your chlorine or turn down the production percentage on your chlorine/salt generators.

4. Keep Your Pool Filter Running

You don’t need to run your pool filter for as long during the winter months, but it’s still important to keep it running for a minimum of four to six hours every day. This will keep your pool plumbing in good condition and can help prevent algae from developing. 

If you notice that your pool water is starting to turn green, shock it, then begin running your pool pump for longer each day.

5. Monitor Your Water Levels

Since there’s typically far less rainfall in Sarasota during the winter months, don’t be surprised if you lose an inch or two of water to evaporation each week. Be sure to monitor your water levels and top off your pool as needed. Not only can low water levels throw off your pool’s chemistry, but if the water gets too low, it can also burn out your pump.

6. Consider a Pool Cover

A cover isn’t necessary for pools in the Sarasota area, however, covering your pool can keep out dirt and debris, making cleaning easier. Using a pool cover may also reduce the need for chemicals and filtering, which can lower your maintenance costs.

7. Keep Your Pool Happy All Winter Long

Taking the time to care for your pool during the cooler months can help you avoid unnecessary damage. It can also help ensure that you’re able to jump right back in as soon as the temperatures start to creep back up again. 

At Swim Incorporated, Sarasota, FL, we offer complete solutions to ensure the pool design is efficient and timeless. For more information on our services and how we can help you in the city of Sarasota, contact us today!

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