Pool Efficiency

It’s not the price of the pool!
It’s the continuing cost of owning the pool!

Swim Incorporated leads the industry in pool efficiency

State-Of-The-Art Pool Technology

Our energy efficient pool costs 71% less to own than old fashioned “garden variety” pools (and use less chemicals!). Really! It isn’t magic – it’s math – and we’ll show you the numbers.

Our improvements in pool efficiency come from more than just adding an energy efficient pump. We use multi-speed pumps, over-sized filters, and we custom engineer the piping system on every project. Our Swim-Safe® drainless pool circulation system creates a balanced flow dynamic which creates higher flow rates at lower velocities. Lower back pressure = higher flow at lower speeds = lower operating costs, higher pool efficiency, and longer equipment life.

The net effect of our energy efficient approach and balanced-flow circulation system is lower energy costs, more efficient circulation, sanitation, and heat distribution. In addition, our soft-water chlorine generation system means lower chemical costs. And the bonus “side effects” include a cleaner, lower maintenance pool, and a “soft water” swimming environment. In addition, lower operating pressures and temperatures result in dramatically extended equipment life.

Our system has no equal – period! And that’s just our “standard” energy efficient system – add a “state of the art” variable speed pump and you’ll enjoy even greater pool efficiency, more savings, and a longer pump life.

Our entire pool design process is focused on you – our customer. Our focus on pool efficiency and dedication to safety is unparalleled. Swim Inc. pools are safe, clean, efficient – what more could you ask?

Our Pool Construction Principles

Custom Design

A pool by Swim Incorporated means a custom pool, designed specifically for your needs and your unique space.


Our Swim-Safe® drainless pool circulation system creates a balanced flow dynamic. This creates higher flow rates at lower velocities, resulting in superior pool efficiency.


We hold a national credential as a Certified Building Professional by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals.


Frequently Asked Questions

The powerful suction created by traditional pool circulation systems can trap small children underwater. Sadly, this can lead to drowning. Since our Swim-Safe Circulation System has no bottom drain, it completely eliminates this danger.

No! The Swim-Safe Circulation System is exclusive to the Swim Inc. brand. It’s one of the many things that sets us apart from other pool companies.

Yes! As part of our pool installation process, we install an electrolytic device that uses table salt to generate chlorine. This sanitizes the water before returning it to the pool, resulting in water that feels softer and smoother than traditional pool water.

While all pools require some maintenance, the unique features of a Swim Inc. pool make them both easier and less expensive to maintain. Features like self-leveling water and our unique filtration system allow you to spend more time lounging in the pool and less time dealing with maintenance.

Your family’s safety is our top priority! When you meet with our professional pool designers, they’ll discuss all of the extra design features you can add to make your pool as safe as possible.

Dan Johnson, owner of Swim Incorporated, a local swimming pool design/build firm has been appointed to While Swim Inc. pools aren’t the cheapest on the market, the increased pool efficiency will save you significantly in the long run. We also work with two pool financing partners to offer a wide array of loan programs.