Swim Safe System®
“The Most Advanced Circulation System in the Industry”

Swim Inc. designed unique system, Swim Safe®, eliminating bottom drains to enhance pool safety.

Swimming Pull Safety

“What exactly does that mean and why should I insist that my new pool be built with the Swim-Safe™ circulation system?”

Because our desire for recreation and exercise must come only after our concern for safety. Our focus is on preventing drain suction from holding and trapping children under water in pools. Our Swim-Safe® system eliminates this hazard completely by providing the powerful suction in drains altogether. This way we provide the pool construction safety.

Multiple surface skimmers supply water to the circulation pump and filter, which then returns it to the pool through an engineered system of low-wall, sweeping circulation fittings.
We engineer our Swim-Safe® system for each pool we build, ensuring it accommodates the specific design requirements of that pool. Interestingly, some other benefits of our system became evident as we began building our Swim-Safe® circulation system back in 2002.


Swim-Safe® Drainless Pools™

We developed the concept of our “Drainless Pool™” system by working on the ANSI/APSP-7 Standard for Suction Entrapment Avoidance in Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, and Catch basins, leading to the design of a circulation system without any bottom drains. This is a national safety Standard, adopted into building codes across the country.

By designing the drain out of the system, we completely eliminate the potential hazard. Here’s the short version of how we accomplish the task.

  1. We eliminate the bottom drain and replace the water flow to the filter by adding more surface skimmers. No hazard!
  2. Since we deliver the “used water” to the filter from the surface, skimming dirt and debris before it has time to settle into the water, our pools stay much cleaner than “traditionally” circulated pools.
  3. Because we skim off debris faster and more efficiently than “traditional” pools, less debris actually settles into the water, thereby reducing the amount of sanitizer (chlorine) required to keep the water sanitary. This lowers sanitizer costs, reduces the required residual sanitizer level in the water, and, because of lower levels of chlorine, creates more “use friendly” water – not as “sticky” as typical pool water.
  4. We also use more circulation fittings than “traditional” pools, returning water to the pool from the filter after it’s been cleaned and sanitized – better heat distribution and lower heating costs.
  5. We place our return fittings lower in the wall and we use primarily “sweep” fittings rather than “eyeball” fittings, thereby moving more water and sending suspended debris to the surface to be skimmed off and removed from the water.

Different industries move forward in different ways. Automobiles went from V-8, stick shift, gas guzzling, land yachts to energy efficient, seat belt & air bag protected, smooth riding, easy driving “living rooms on wheels”. Our industry will eventually embrace the “Drainless Pool™” concept – it is the future of circulation. We just happen to be leading the way, and you are the beneficiary! Pretty good idea… Our Swim-Safe® system out-performs traditional circulation systems in Every Measurable Way!

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