2022 Pool Design Trends


Sarasota residents love their backyard pools, and for good reason. But the latest trends for 2022 may surprise you.

Smaller is Big

It’s no longer necessary to fill the entire backyard with water and decking to reap huge style and enjoyment benefits. In fact, pint-size pools, sometimes no larger than a hot tub, are the latest craze. Innovative, jetted installations are sometimes termed cocktail pools, prized for their sociability as well as their therapeutic benefits. Larger, deeper configurations are now known as plunge pools, and are a popular option to a traditional lap pool.

Rethink the Pool’s Purpose

Opting for a larger pool is not out of the question, but it’s not just for swimming anymore. Today’s pool is likely to include updated features that add 21st-Century appeal. A Baja Shelf, tanning ledge, or conversation pit along one side of the pool is a great multi-use idea. Built-in lounges and pedestals make a unique statement, but a shallow shelf might also be an easy transition to deeper water or a play space for younger children to splash safely with proper supervision.

Lighting and Automation

As part of a backyard landscape, a pool should be equally attractive night and day, requiring minimal maintenance and upkeep. Automated LED lighting can make that a reality in addition to supplying nighttime drama, even a rainbow of alternating color. Modern equipment makes pool care as simple as setting pre-programmed controls for everything from water temperature to fountain or waterfall operation, as well as filtering and cleaning.

Add Drama with Fire and Water

Little is as mesmerizing as the combination of fire and water. While a fire pit with seating is a not-uncommon feature near an inground pool, a hot new trend is to combine both in a single column or large “bowl” that becomes a pool’s focal point.

Only limited by your imagination and your budget, a fire feature may eclipse the popularity of “naturalized” settings, including waterfalls and planting areas.

Create a Tropical Paradise

If, like so many others, you want only to put pandemic worries behind you and escape to an island setting, you can now achieve that ambience in your own backyard. Incorporate a cabana or a refreshment station, an area for palms and tropical blooms, a wooden deck, or even a sandy “beach” complete with umbrella tables into your pool setting. Swim Incorporated can help you do it.

Architectural Pools are Trendy

Freeform pools were once all the rage. Today, pools have become more sleek and clean-lined, and are frequently located closer to interior rooms to become an extension of the living space. Used as visual statements, they reinforce a home’s design, and can add new appeal and interest not only to the landscape, but to interior design as well.

Are you interested in learning more? Schedule a consultation, and we’ll fill you in on other emerging trends for new or remodeled pools.

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